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My Philosophy



Corneotherapy is the science of maintaining & restoring the skin barrier.


My main objective is to heal the defence layers of the epidermis, which have often been damaged & harmed by misuse of prior treatments & skincare ingredients.


Corneotherapy is a unique treatment that is gentle on skin. Instead of using peels, steroid creams, microdermabrasion & harsh acids that erode the top layer of the epidermis, my treatments are focused on building & protecting this essential layer at all times.


I believe that a healthy & balanced epidermis aids in reversing skin conditions & keeping skin resilient, strong & healthy. Corneotherapists are highly trained skin experts who have an in-depth understanding of skin correction.


Dermaviduals Skincare

Your skin is as individual as you are, it is unique and so should your skincare routine be. 

Dermaviduals products are uniquely formulated to match the composition of your skin. In comparison to many conventional products, it is this unique formulation that allows for a more effective penetration of the ingredients.


It means the active ingredients can actually work down into the skin barrier, helping to correct and improve skin conditions and more importantly, to try and prevent them from occurring. 

This unique range enables me to completely customise your skincare regime. I have the ability to make your own individualised cleanser, serum and moisturiser. I can even customise your own foundation to perfectly match your skin tone  and colour!

Dermaviduals is free from emulsifiers, mineral oils, silicones, preservatives and fragrances. No nasties! It is an amazing product that I love and I know you will as well. 

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